10 July 2020

July 10: Dedicated to the GPS

My evening Thingamabob-y
experimental foray into new technology
is dedicated to the Soleus, the Satellites, 
and to when-and-if I ever learn to work this thing 

09 July 2020

July 9: Dedicated to Cookies

that are 
dedicated to 


I don't know

Let me see

08 July 2020

July 8: Dedicated to Contrasts

My ''does anybody really know what day it is'' 
duo-into-solo distant 
bumble around 
had me noticing the lights and shadows 
- brilliants and dims 
- brights and darks 
It was a good time of day for seeing 

things in sharp relief
I could sure use some of that relief

Dedicated to contrasts

Keeping things interesting 
in contrast to dullness

SHOED the Runner Gal!

Mizuno Wave Rider 23 from Fleet Feet Annapolis

 Saucony Ride ISO 2 from Active Gear-Up

07 July 2020

July 7: Dedicated to the wonderful world of color

Gettin' back in the groove 
solo and distant walk 
in the thank-god-it's-cooler-tonight evening
was rather enjoyable! 
A little bit of breeze,
a little bit of extra energy
a little why don't I play a bit? 
How different things look when you see them

only in black and white, eh? 

Dedicated to the wonderful world of colo(u)r.

06 July 2020


Dedicated to the damn thunderstorm 
that prevented me from taking my walk 
and to whatever 
can keep me 
{10 times down and back up the stairs}
{30 steps each direction}

05 July 2020

July 5: Dedicated to THE DOG

So solo, easily distant 5th of July trudge
Bored, bored, bored. Too hot, too tired. 
I thought we'd get a storm.
At least that might be interesting. Or a relief? 
No, it's just going to be oppressive. 
Going home
Dedicated to the dog who was very interested 
in seeing me pass by. 
 Best part of the evening, that dog.

04 July 2020

The 4th of July, 2020: Dedicated to Bruce and Jon

 My May the 4th {of July} Be With You 

 duo-and-distant afternoon stroll is dedicated to
  ... I don't know ...
  Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi
Bruce and Jon
 And it ended, not really with a bang
or with a whimper, either
but definitely with a fizzle-sizzle!