29 October 2005

Bill waiting to be served

(and my little yellow toes)

spoiled, spoiled, spoiled...


27 October 2005

The Second Time Around

My After-The-Half-Marathon wedding reception in Baltimore! I just realized I never posted a picture!

26 October 2005

25 October 2005

Bad Girl!

I ran like the DEVIL Arlington Trick or Trot 5K!

22 October 2005

Extra Mile 10K aka Better DFL than DNF

Yup...that was me...DFL (except for one DNFinisher who hitched a ride back to the Start!)

Rainy, but sooooo pretty!

And I STILL won my age group. (It's easy to WIN when you ARE the age group!) Posted by Picasa

19 October 2005

Filming THE HOAX

I'm inside, waiting for my cue from the production assistant...

70s costumed background players on set - aka the streets of Washington
THAT GIRL all grown up and living near DC - LOL!