31 March 2013

Day 90. March 31: Stuff

My stuff, mostly holiday decorations awaiting their TIME in the storage room in our basement.

Fear not, the storage area has TONS of Jamie's stuff, too. You can BET on it, Baby!

30 March 2013

Day 89. March 30: Relax

Having a lovely time, not running like I usually do on weekends,
just relaxin' 
and yard sale-scroungin' with my husband

29 March 2013

Day 88. March 29: Goodnight

I put Hedda Get Bedda to bed.

I have had this doll for over 50 years. 
She was my favorite Christmas present way back when I don't even know when...

28 March 2013

Day 87. March 28: In the mirror.

I found this old piece of furniture, an armoire, perhaps? when I moved into my place on 48th Street in Manhattan. Its mirror is reflecting my little ZuZu across the room, on the bed.

27 March 2013

Day 86. March 27: Pair

My little pair of kitties. 
My favorite subject, anyway.

26 March 2013

Day 85. March 26: Something you did

I helped Tess and Wyatt 
make bunnies and marshmallow krispy treats 
for the daycare group.

25 March 2013

Day 84. March 25: In your drawer

I have a variety of drawers. 

Kitchen drawer - mostly the flatware.
(I call it "silverware", but very few of these things contain any silver.)

Craft drawer - 
this 'n' that for doing something or other 
now and again

 Sock drawer - mostly fuzzies.
This one is filled with leis and frou-frou.
Fun and frivolity for costumes.

24 March 2013

23 March 2013

Day 82. March 23: What I do for fun

I make

for the annual

Piece of Cake 10k


Club Meeting


22 March 2013

Day 81. March 22: About you

Day 81. March 22: About you
Meaning what, exactly? The photo is to be about me?
(Aren't all of them about me, in a way, 

since I am interpreting the themes, 
choosing what shots to take, 
composing and selecting?)
Or the photo is to be abou

the stuff, world, environment 
all around about me?
This is BOTH. 

The mess on my desk, piled all about me 
while I do my random, scatter-brained multi-tasking
 says a lot about me. 
I would guess.

21 March 2013

Day 80. March 21: Working

Day 80. March 21: Working
Funny how the vacuum looks about the size of an electric razor.

20 March 2013

Day 79. March 20: Clean

Day 79. March 20: Clean
Clean hair.
 Just out of the shower. Ready to sleep.

19 March 2013

Day 78. March 19: A sign

A Sign (or two or three or four or more) to KEEP ON GOING!
 A sign (or two or three) from Penny to me during my 2nd marathon.
 A sign (or two) from me to Nancy and Giddy at Baltimore Running Festival, paired with a sign (or two) for Nancy (again) and myself at one of our Goofy Challenges.
I am guessing it was the Inaugural Goofy in 2006.
A sign from me to me, I think for the Marine Corps Marathon 2006.

[I needed more than a sign for that nightmare.]

18 March 2013

Day 77. March 18: Shoes

A whole bushel basket full of 'em,
mostly 2nd-hand..
 I usually buy my shoes 2nd-hand. EXCEPT for running shoes.
They are mixed sizes, from 7.5 to 9.5. 
I wear non-running shoes so infrequently.

16 March 2013

Day 75. March 16: Nine o'clock

Sitting in the B&A Trail Marathon bag drop, wishing I had brought a book with me...

15 March 2013

Day 74. March 15: Explore

 Exploring the back slope behind the retaining wall
my daffodils are thriving,
my birdhouse seems to have blown down into the brush.

14 March 2013

Day 73. March 14: Tasty

Snacks for the Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon Expo volunteers.
Some were more tasty than others.

12 March 2013

Day 71. March 12: In the distance...

you can see the 5k turn-around, up near the water tower.

11 March 2013

Day 70. March 11: Important

My sweet baby ZuZu is having some worrying health issues.
SHE is important.
Making her better is IMPORTANT.