30 June 2005

27 June 2005

26 June 2005

22 June 2005

18 June 2005

As I said yesterday...you just never know who you might meet! Posted by Hello

17 June 2005

13 June 2005

MY pics on a Baltimore Road Runners poster at the Patterson Park 4-Miler on Saturday! Posted by Hello

11 June 2005

07 June 2005

Little by little Posted by Hello

Our "backyard" aka The Ravine, The Chasm, The Back 45 (as in 45 degree INCLINE), The Field of Weeds, The Slope Posted by Hello
So now maybe when Nancy gets a comment from me on HER Blog, I'll have an IDENTITY!!! :-) Posted by Hello

At the BRRC Women's Distance Festival 5K Posted by Hello

The Rose Posted by Hello

Blooms at DCRRC Women's Distance Festival 5K Posted by Hello