28 September 2013

Day 271. September 28: 10 o' clock

Yard-Sailing through the Yard Sales...
Halloween is coming

27 September 2013

Day 270. September 27: WTF?

"Where is my FAMILY?

Who ARE you???

Give me my KIBBLES!!!!"
~ ~ ~
[Cat-sitting for Hank.]

[and Buddy Holly]

Shadow Cats

26 September 2013

Day 269. September 26: Curve

Welcome Goose
This was out along the road with a big sign "FREE".
We use it to remind us when the house alarm is on, 
so we remember to disarm it 
before opening the door. 
[Not very welcoming, eh?]

25 September 2013

23 September 2013

Day 266. September 23: From my childhood

I don't really remember when or where I got this
little felt bird thing 
- perhaps at a church bazaar? 
I've had it a LONG LONG time.

21 September 2013

Day 264. September 21: Rule of thirds

Yes, I admit it, I had to Google 
"Rule of Thirds" 
but I think this photo works. 
If not, so what...?

20 September 2013

19 September 2013

Day 262. September 19: What's this?

I don't know, really. 
It was on the sidewalk at the B&A Trail.

17 September 2013

14 September 2013

Day 257. September 14: Liquid

watering the plants

filling the birdbaths

in transition from solid ice to liquid water
from the hose

13 September 2013

Day 256. September 13: Unexpected

It shouldn't be unexpected, but somehow it IS.

Somehow it is suddenly fall.

12 September 2013

Day 255. September 12: Shadow

Shadow on the walls and ceiling 

from the hall chandelier.