31 August 2014

Day 243. August 31: 10 a.m.

OK, so I was late taking the photo. 

Morning is morning.

30 August 2014

Day 242. August 30: Nearby

Hanging with 
the little tidbit 
on the day 
following her surgery

28 August 2014

27 August 2014

Day 239. August 27: Dull

button on the back pocket of my khaki shorts
(dull enough for you?)

26 August 2014

Day 238. August 26: Breakfast

Clarence had breakfast hours ago. 
He is snacking on left-overs.
 I am not supposed to eat breakfast for an hour after taking this.

25 August 2014

On August 25, 2012 I stopped into the SPCA in Annapolis and saw a funny little face and my heart stood still.
Happy Adoptiversary, baby love.
I love you, my ZuZu, always always always.
I miss you.
Thank you for finding your forever home in my heart.

Day 237. August 25: Mail

24 August 2014

Day 236. A10 Day, August 24: Fragrant


The air was so fresh, dry and clear!

Unbelievable weather for Maryland in August!

21 August 2014

Day 233. Our Anniversary, August 21: Decorate

I decorate for seasons, and holidays. 
Our current decoration scheme is the Memorial Day/ Independence Day/ Labor Day 
Red, White, and Blue that will remain through September 11.