29 May 2014

Day 149. May 29: Negative space

I hope this works for this theme because I am tired 
 and it's dark out
and I don't want to spend time on this right now.
End of story.

26 May 2014

Day 146. Memorial Day, May 26: Pet

 Pumpkin Time
 it's Pumpkin Time
little baby ZuZu loves Pumpkin Time

25 May 2014

Day 145. May 25: Neighbo(u)rhood

 Memorial Day
 at the neighborhood

   athletic field

24 May 2014

Day 144. May 24: Sunrise

I didn't see the sunrise this morning. I am quite sure it went on without me.

22 May 2014

Day 142. May 22: Free

When you add it all up, the cost of real love is no charge

When you add it all the full cost of my love is NO CHARGE

21 May 2014

Day 141. May 21: Card

The Christmas cards are down 
(I take them down around Easter, believe it or not, so send me a card this year, it won't go to waste!) 
but the card hanger is filling up with other cards.

20 May 2014

Day 140. May 20: Waiting

Waiting for the mousie to run away....
like Waiting for Godot.

19 May 2014

Day 139. May 19: Alone

"Maybe I can get some alone time under here."

18 May 2014

Day 138. May 18: Something I drew

I drew this comedy & tragedy mask for a business card I made myself
Something else I drew, just now.

17 May 2014

Day 137. May 17: Bag

blue bags
plastic grocery bag
bag from Tiffany's

12 May 2014

Day 132. May 12: Ready

Ready for the CBRC meeting
Ready for some DESSERT?
Ready for some EATIN'