29 November 2013

Day 333. Black Friday, November 29: Black

This is Kitters. She was adopted.
SPCA had a Black Friday Special today: any cat who was black or partially black was FREE. 
I almost adopted one.
There was a special on black or partially black dogs, as well.

28 November 2013

Day 332. Thanksgiving day, November 23: I am grateful for...

 for a man who loves me
  for my two darling kitties

for my big sister

  to have had my Mama and my other two sisters

  for Measles and Rat Fink and Stripees and Raspies and my precious Bill, all now waiting at Rainbow Bridge 

* * *
  for Simpson College 

  for my friends

I am grateful for today

l to have lived in Paris, and in New York City

  for music



the moon




the ocean
*   *   *
so much more

27 November 2013

25 November 2013

Day 329. November 25: Quirky

Day 329. November 25: Quirky
Originally uploaded by WebSphinx.

Whaddaya mean, "quirky"? 

Who's quirky?

24 November 2013

23 November 2013

Day 327. November 23: Simplicity

Originally uploaded by WebSphinx.

Simple beauty. 

Yellow autumn leaves.

21 November 2013

Day 325. November 21: i wish i had this


"if i could have one wish - one wish - it would be that none of this had happened to you"

20 November 2013

Day 324. November 20: Communication

Betsy says, "Leave me alone".
A great example of NON-VERBAL communication.

19 November 2013

Day 323. November 19: Where you ate breakfast

{I eat breakfast on the futon in the sun-room, 
my reading & kitty-cuddling nook}

17 November 2013

Day 321. November 17: Five o'clock

Squatch on TV

Squatch Watchers

frozen pizza in the toaster oven

outside in the gloom

another angle on the gloom

the gloomy view out of our little round-about

the gloomy view up into the trees

16 November 2013

Day 320. November 16: Play

Performance today. 

Been there, done that.

15 November 2013

Day 319. November 15: In my pocket/purse

(ZuZu helped me type this, can you tell?)

Nothing in my pocket...nothing much in my purse.

14 November 2013

13 November 2013