30 November 2005

STOLEN GAME:Google Search Photos Fun

(where I was born)

I got this game from Sherryland
who I think got it from Between a Rock and a Diamond
who I believe got it from Laurie
who in turn got it from Belinda.
So anyway...I STOLE it, I didn't invent it.

The way to play:
Use Google search IMAGESand type in the following queries -
1.Name of town where you were born
2.Name of town you live in now
3.Your name
4.Your grandmother's name
5.Your favorite food
6.Your favorite drink
7.Your favorite smell
Use a pic from the FIRST page of Google Images to create your photolog!:-)

(where I live now)
(my name)
(grandmother's name)
(favorite food)
(favorite drink)
(favorite smell)

Photos KEY:
1. Morristown, New Jersey
2. CB
3. *jeanne*
4. Marguerite
5. brownies
6. Margarita
7. Lily of the Valley

29 November 2005

WHY did I buy so many bulbs?

How will I EVER get these planted before SPRING? Posted by Picasa

27 November 2005

NCR Trail Marathon

Usually, I'm the unofficial Official Photographer - I just show up to run with my camera, taking pics as I go.
But on Saturday, I was the official Unofficial Photographer!

Brightroom took the Official Finisher's pics, but I was asked by Baltimore Road Runners Club to take candid pics at the event! Volunteers and post-race awards, etc.

25 November 2005

I [heart] my kitty

Is he precious, or what? Posted by Picasa

Yesterday's Turkey Chase

Early rising...

Just me
and my turkeys...

Beautiful course, especially in the rain and mist...


22 November 2005

Out for a RUN :-)

This was my reward for doing my training run down to town and back!

(That and the TRAINING itself, of course!)

20 November 2005

What a bunch of turkeys!

These pics are from the Annapolis Striders' COLD TURKEY 10K in Edgewater, Maryland on November 20, 2005.

I am the skinnier Turkey next to the more rotund Turkey in the black hat.