31 January 2013

30 January 2013

Day 30: Down

Isn't that a matter of point of view?

Camera facing DOWN at me

Facing straight DOWN from the deck to the patio NEEDS SOME WORK DOWN THERE
Facing DOWN the stairs toward the back slopes: NEEDS SOME WORK HERE, TOO

Me, facing DOWN at the camera
looking down DOWN DOWN past my "terracing" that never really worked to the wooded RAVINE that is part of our back "yard"

28 January 2013

Day 28: Through

looking through

the dining room


25 January 2013

Day 25: Landscape

'twas a cold dreary dismal day for taking landscape photos

22 January 2013

Day 22: Corner

Corner of the Office Ceiling
Corner of the Parlour Ceiling
Corner of the half-bath ceiling

20 January 2013

Day 20: Something you saw

I don't "get" it 

 aren't all my photos


I saw?

19 January 2013

Day 19: delicious

even if I DO say so myself!
These are the brownies I made for the King's Landing Trail Run.
UGLY, but WHO CARES??? Delicious!