20 December 2006

Running with the Celts

Baltimore's Celtic Solstice 5-Miler in Druid Hill Park

05 December 2006

A weekend of non-running for ME...

Means a weekend of VOLUNTEERING!

DC Road Runners' Gar Williams Half Marathon at Belle Haven.
and going... And on Sunday:

Howard County Striders Metric Marathon 26.2k (or for the less-distance-inclined, a 5k option).

09 November 2006

Shanksville 9.3 for Flight 93


I believe the 15k memorial run is to be held this coming Sunday, November 12 at 1 pm.

Race Director:
David L. Mapes
Shanksville-Stonycreek School District
P.O. BOX 128
Shanksville, PA 15560
Phone 814-267-4649
Fax 814-267-4372