31 December 2007

18 December 2007

In memorial: Bill Strauss

Bill Strauss, co-founder of the Capitol Steps, dating back to when he was chief counsel of the Senate subcommittee that put on the first show, passed away this morning.

He was co-author of six books about American generations, playwright of two musicals (MaKiddo, Stopscandal.com), co-founder of the Cappies high school critics and awards program, and dad to four great kids.


16 December 2007

Dan by the Dawn's Early Light

Dan by the Dawn's Early Light
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Dan is absolutely one of the most dedicated of all Baltimore's race volunteers. It's a rare event when he doesn't give his services - and that usually only happens when he's already volunteering at another event that same day!

15 December 2007

Celtic Solstice 2007


The Druids were running

in the Hills of Baltimore!

12 December 2007


My sister Suzy used to be an artist's model, but I couldn't find the sculptor's name who had used her to pose as "Eve".

Well, on Monday, my husband and I went up to New Jersey to deal with Suzy's things that had been placed in storage, and with piles of old letters and bills, and paperwork, I found a postcard from the sculptor's studio, with the sculptor's note (& his name spelled correctly!) on it.

"When I am at my best, I would like to believe that the public can feel my artwork reaching to the depths of their souls, as it comes from mine."
- Michael Shacham

This was my sister, in a different time of her life, before the cancer.

09 December 2007

Selected pics

Sunrise in CB.

And my surprise from Jo in To.

03 December 2007

penguins, penguins everywhere...

penguins, penguins everywhere...
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There are so many wonderful photographers on Flickr.
I am in AWE.