30 December 2013

Day 364. Next-to-last day of 2013, December 30: You

That's to say, ME - and ZuZu (of course)
and Clarence (of course)
and OF COURSE I tried to get all three of us

  which was pretty much a FAILURE

two more posts

and then PHOTO-A-DAY 2013 will be COMPLETE!
(I think)

I will need to scroll through and make sure the photos are all uploaded. 

There were some technical difficulties for a time, and there were some belated postings.

But I think it is all pretty much fait accompli!

29 December 2013

Day 363. December 29: Reflect - Best bit of 2013

The best bit of 2013, for me, 
was just being able to be with my family.
Pumpkin Time - they are in reverse position tonight, 
because ZuZu was LATE to pumpkin Time! 
That has never happened before.

28 December 2013

Day 362. December 28: Something awesome

My veterinarians are awesome. 
This is one of the holiday cards from their clients they had on display in the office today. 
I was simply picking up pet food, neither Clarence nor ZuZu is sick.
These chocolates are awesome.
Christmas present from Jamie. 
Russell Stover assortment in a holiday tin.

25 December 2013

Day 359. Christmas Day, December 25: The best bit of your day

Originally uploaded by WebSphinx.
My photo theme for today is the "best bit of your day".

Not possible. 
It was all the best bit of my day. 

All day.

which photo(s) shall I choose?


23 December 2013

Day 357. December 23: Tradition

Putting silly hats on my my poor kitty.
"I ... have ... had ... enough ... of ... you ...!!!"

~ ~ ~
Our Christmas cards adorn the walls.
I leave them on display until Easter.
Birth and rebirth.

21 December 2013

20 December 2013

Day 354. December 20: I'm listening to

The Luther College 
Christmas Concert 
on Public Television 

This was recorded in 2012, 

but I had never seen it before.

19 December 2013