11 December 2013

Day 345. December 11: Green

green-wreathed cattery welcome
the glorious green-eyed Oneida
Artie nestled with some red and greens
Ivy with a green mousie
Chester on the green Christmas blankie
Anise with red and green beanie bears

Emily with a green jingle-ball
Nala with the greens decorating the cattery

Bethany on a green Christmas blanket
Sundance with a green Christmas stocking 
Marley and the green Grinchy Grinch
Derby is green-eyed, too
more green eyes, Maibelle
green window wreath
Eleanor with a green comfy throw blanket
Taboo with red and green beanie bears
green-eyed Panda
green-eyed Emily with the green Grinchy Grinch
Tink investigates the green mousie

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