31 July 2007


"When the world says,

'Give up',

Hope whispers,

'Try it one more time' "

- Anononymous
(I borrowed this from CJ's blog.) CJ

30 July 2007

28 July 2007

I'm with the band

This is my husband, performing big band vocals on the "other side" of the Bay. He can sing like an angel.


Translation: Howard County Striders at the Westminster Road Runners Club Women's Distance Festival 5k. This was last week...
& I walked this one. I was the penultimate finisher.


Translation - Chesapeake Bay Running Club regulars at the Annapolis Strider's Women's Distance Festival 5k.
This was last week - but I have done nothing since. My running is nil...

24 July 2007

Remembering ...

WDW Half 053
Originally uploaded by WebSphinx.

Ah...to be running half marathons and FULL marathons again...

21 July 2007

On the route of AS WDF 5k

That's the Annapolis Striders Women's Distance Festival 5k.
I walked most of it, but ran a little.
41+ minutes for a 5k.
I am hoping to reclaim my body, but sometimes...I just despair.

19 July 2007

12 July 2007

10 July 2007

Pizza time!

Once a month, Chesapeake Bay Running Club has pizza at Nicolletti's while conducting the club meeting.

09 July 2007

Mantis on the glass

Shane / HCS Women's Distance Festival 5K

Shane, aka NEEDLE-NOSE. The Sheltie next-door.
There goes the Pack, leaving slow wimpy-gimpy me far behind in the 5k

It was a LONG 5k for gimpy-wimpy gal. They all are nowadays.

But there were some pretty visions en route for Second-Hand Rose, my "new" not-so-new camera.

And I got to spend a little time with MY TEAM. :-)

Will I EVER be able to RUN again?

07 July 2007


PigsFly 114
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There is macro beauty everywhere...
all it takes is a photographer with a camera & the lens to CAPTURE it

05 July 2007

Old camera by new camera

My brain-dead camera.

Photo courtesy

of Second-Hand Rose


04 July 2007


MY camera is BROKEN.

Not totally DEAD, but TOTALLY disabled.

So ...

no new pics until the replacement camera is obtained.


Under camera-possessing circumstances I would be uploading 4th of July fireworks pics today (because my little bay town does it's fireworks on the 3rd of July) but I can't, because I took none last night. :-(

So here's a shot or so from my photo files. Not perhaps the most inspired choices, but I have things I'd like to do today OTHER than sit in front of this time-snitching PC.

Just to keep my little photographer's spirits up.