04 July 2007


MY camera is BROKEN.

Not totally DEAD, but TOTALLY disabled.

So ...

no new pics until the replacement camera is obtained.


Under camera-possessing circumstances I would be uploading 4th of July fireworks pics today (because my little bay town does it's fireworks on the 3rd of July) but I can't, because I took none last night. :-(

So here's a shot or so from my photo files. Not perhaps the most inspired choices, but I have things I'd like to do today OTHER than sit in front of this time-snitching PC.

Just to keep my little photographer's spirits up.


iliketoast said...

Oh, that's terrible. I hope a magic camera fairy pops out of nowhere and fixes your camera immediately.

IHateToast said...

i can't imagine no *jeanne* photos. can you continue to post old ones? scan photos from the 80s?

*jeanne* said...

Dear iliketoast -

The camera fairies:

eBay and PayPal.

"New" second-hand camera arrived today via United States Postal Service.



*jeanne* said...

Dear ihatetoast,

My photos from the 80s would be small, square shots from a Kodak Instamatic X 126mm.

Talk about a Kodak Moment, eh? DECADES in the making.