21 July 2007

On the route of AS WDF 5k

That's the Annapolis Striders Women's Distance Festival 5k.
I walked most of it, but ran a little.
41+ minutes for a 5k.
I am hoping to reclaim my body, but sometimes...I just despair.


iliketoast said...

glad you explained the WDF ... da or the ... does it really matter?

From Here to There said...


You'll run again soon. Take care of yourself, take it easy, and come back slowly, and stronger.

Gorgeous photo, as always.

IHateToast said...

in due time, chickpea.

don't rush things. our bodies have ways of exacting the meanest revenge.

thank you for the photo.

Dori said...

I love coneflowers! I took pictures of them growing along one of my running paths.

I'm so sorry you're not able to run. Hang in there.