29 September 2006


(written fall 2001)

I sang four days

to mama, asleep
watching her breathe beside me
yet not
I asked her
"where are you, mama? where did you go?"
feeling her breathe beside me, yet not
four days I sang
four nights? four days?
I sang to fill her silence
to fill her breath
to find her and to lead her home,
to let her go.
I still sing for mama
beside me, yet not
and I breathe
for both of us


My Mama died at 1 am, five years ago today.
I was upstairs, asleep, when the nurse called me.
I sat up with Mama until they came to take her body away.

Today I planted an azalea bush in the yard.
Tonight I lit two Fourth of July sparklers in my garden.
Small offerings in remembrance.

25 September 2006

Bob, Doris, Bing and Dorothy

( That's Bob Hope, Doris Day, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour.)
a.k.a. - Mike, Ann, Jamie, and *jeanne*

Cast of the

"Bing Crosby Radio Show"

from Severna Park's Centennial Celebration.

11 September 2006


Windows on the World
(as we mourned september 11)

looking at the sky i feel you still

i feel you clean

as arctic ice

safe as forever

only the earth smokes in ashes

you are the sky

clear as angels smiling

in the sun

- jeanne
Copyright ©2001 *jeanne*

05 September 2006

Labor Day Bay Cafe 5k

Most of the runners you see behind Ingrid, the laughing race worker, ended up getting award photos taken later. By ME, at the request of the Race Director. :-)

I dedicate my run today to
Steve Irwin
The Crocodile Hunter