29 July 2005

At my costume fitting for "Flags of Our Fathers"! Whooooooooo-hoooooooooo!!!! Posted by Picasa

27 July 2005

Butterfly Bush Bloom...now if only I could get a clear focus on the BUTTERFLIES!!! Posted by Picasa

26 July 2005

The Butterfly Bush is doing it's job! Posted by Picasa

25 July 2005

My Christmas Amaryllis is FINALLY blooming! Posted by Picasa

24 July 2005

Rumble at the Lock!

Hot sun...

Cold drinks...
What a gorgeous day for Riley's Rumble!! :-)

I did race-day registration...

My first job early this pitch-black a.m. was unlocking the port-o-potties...


22 July 2005

Li'l Guy better be very very careful...my garden encounter TODAY, not caught on film, was with a FOX!!! *Right in my own backyard* so to speak! Posted by Picasa

21 July 2005

20 July 2005

and the story goes on...

Starting over again
with the patio...


Today's encounter...

Mr. McGreen

19 July 2005

What a weekend!

Westminster Running Club's Women's Distance Festival 5K
Lillian was the LAST finisher and also FIRST in her age group, both here AND at the Howard County Strider's WDF 5k on July 10 (in Hilly Columbia). She's one of my Role Models :-)

Getting artistic with a pic from Annapolis Striders' John Wall Memorial Mile...

14 July 2005

BRRC Meet of the Miles! My FIRST EVER one-mile race. Within my heat (Women Over 40), I was DFL at about 8:03. There were only FIVE women in my heat. LOL - ooooh, nice points for the Grand Prix Series!!! :-) Posted by Picasa

12 July 2005

11 July 2005

There are so many pretty things you suddenly notice when you take a snapshot... Posted by Picasa

09 July 2005

The neighbors set up a yard sale at the Start/Finish Line of the Annapolis Strider's Women's Distance Festival - this little girl is 1/2 of a pair of identical twins watching the racers come in. Notice the "goods" on sale behind her!  Posted by Picasa

08 July 2005

I parked next to the Gecko Van for my latest audition (At Geico for Geico) Posted by Picasa

05 July 2005

How I spent my long holiday weekend... Posted by Picasa

04 July 2005

Hey! I nabbed a GREAT parking spot right by the registration tables! Posted by Picasa

Chesapeake Beach 3rd of July Fireworks downtown... Posted by Picasa

02 July 2005

That's why they invented painters...

I spent the day today prime-coating the parlor for a new paint job. I EXPECTED to do both the prep and the painting today. But...man...I'm LOUSY at painting. I ended up with paint everywhere...and the most uneven looking basecoat you'd ever hope to see...

Perhaps I'll just wait for Jamie to get home, instead of surprising him?

The room is due to go from SMILEY-FACE yellow to Sunbeam, a pale yellow. (Even if we have to HIRE the professionals!)