28 December 2005

Penultimate race of 2005

I began LAST, as usual, but ended 4th from the last. (Liza, of course, stopped at the turn-around and WAITED for me and the runner behind me, then she ran back carrying the CONE on her head...so I don't think that really COUNTS as being after me...(?)

The "Nutcracker" Firehouse 5K was run on Christmas Eve Day.

I think I'm doing only ONE race after this - on New Year's Eve Day - until the 2006 races begin (bright and LATER on New Year's Day)

22 December 2005

INCREDIBLE sunset tonight

And I was in line at a GAS station...

how frustrating! Posted by Picasa

20 December 2005

The Christmas Radio Show

The Theatre
The vocalists:
Rosemary Clooney
and Bob Crosby
The Actors:
portraying Mary Livingstone
and Jack Benny