16 December 2005

Tagged again!

Tagged again!

Downhillnut has passed this one to me from Linae.

In one word, I am to sum up my upcoming training for the year 2006.

Ha-ha-ha!!! Fooled you, K of C! I haven't even THOUGHT about TRAINING for 2006! Unless writing all the races in my MASTER CALENDAR as I get new schedules from all my clubs counts?

I do think I'll probably just go on as usual in my training - that is, I run the races I want to run, and I find a way to turn them into training for whichever races I decide are the Major Events (Marathons, races where I hope to set a PR, etc.)

So...I guess that means my word should be...

Pending updates.



nancytoby said...

From that angle the hat doesn't look quite as grotesquely gargantuan....

Sherry said...


I love the hat!

*jeanne* said...

Ah, the joys of eBay!


Karen C. in Calgary said...

I LOVE this game! Everyone's coming up with great, original, very apt words. Your picture really gave me a laugh, too.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Love the Goofy hat! It's so you.