10 September 2007


Suzy titled this first little coloring we did together
"To My Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

09 September 2007


Mama, with *jeanne* & Suzy - and our dog.
Mama, with Penny, *jeanne* and Suzy. Little *jeanne* and Suzy, clowning in the photo booth.
*jeanne* and Suzy - maybe 1980-ish?
Big sister Suzy with her baby sister *jeanne*

There is no explanation.

There is no definition.

There is no description.
SISTERS. We are sisters.

05 September 2007

Not-So-Random Catch-Up Photos

Art and etc from Morris Hill Center, where my sister Suzy is currently residing...
Watchers of the Woods, Guardians of the Back Slopes.

The new kids in town. I have wanted these creatures for a year. Finally, I bought them. So...I can't afford them...I bought them, anyway. Dahlia in the sun, in my garden
" Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" 5k course

From one life-stressed, sorta-runner Blogger-Gal,