25 December 2010

21 December 2010

Jingle-Zoom, the photo-reindeer

Warming-up antics, pre-race

laughing through the snow

through the druidy trees

a do-it-myself aerial view LOL ;-p
Originally uploaded by WebSphinx.

Running of the Celtic Solstice 2010

serpentining up and down the hills

through the scattered sunshine and shadows

circling the lake

running under dark druid trees

chiptiming the laces

the HERD

Celtic Solstice 5-Miler 2010

05 November 2010

20 October 2010

Lower Potomac River 10-Miler

I was the official race photoBUGger. I am often the phoJOGrapher in these events, but I have shinsplints.

First place award.
I didn't win it, of course! I simply photographed it!


10 September 2010

World Trade Center Run to Remember

September 5, in Manhattan at my friend Alice's apartment. Getting ready to head to the subway for the ferry to Governor's Island.

A runner watches our ferry's voyage across the NY Harbor to the race site.

My award! I was hoping for a possible third place. I was overjoyed to have gotten second. It sometimes helps to age up! The women one divison younger than I were so fast, I'd have been in last place if I'd still been in my last year's age group.