26 March 2007


Baltimore Road Runners Club 15k in the a.m.

With Howard County Striders Lake Elkhorn 10k in the p.m.

19 March 2007

St. Patrick's Day 10k

A day late and 2k short.

It was the day AFTER St. Patrick's Day, and it's now an 8k, no longer a 10k.


17 March 2007

No 10K

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

- Nietzsche

My run was cancelled - icy conditions in the park where it was to be held.


15 March 2007

5 things

5 things for which I thank Feminism:


2. Ms.
The title.
I hate the "Miss" vs. "Mrs." deal.

3. Ms.
The magazine that introduced me to feminism way back in high school.
Made me think about myself in a different way.
A MUCH better, healthier way.

4. Not having to say, "I DO" to be something other than an "Old Maid"

5. Still working on the payscales...but it's a START.

11 March 2007


My team at Lower Potomac River Marathon was Namaste.
"The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you"

My spirit was willing, my flesh was weak, and my brains were scrambled by the clock change last night - so I somehow forgot to get a Team picture of me and Melissa. These things happen. ~sigh~

I'm not running well these days, but my team-mate Melissa is, and yet she put up with being paired with slow, photo-jogging me, so I could take some pics of the marathon for my Chesapeake Bay Running Club.

It was a gorgeous day for a marathon. :-)