15 March 2007

5 things

5 things for which I thank Feminism:


2. Ms.
The title.
I hate the "Miss" vs. "Mrs." deal.

3. Ms.
The magazine that introduced me to feminism way back in high school.
Made me think about myself in a different way.
A MUCH better, healthier way.

4. Not having to say, "I DO" to be something other than an "Old Maid"

5. Still working on the payscales...but it's a START.


IHateToast said...

keeping my name.

being proud to be single and independent.

going to uni for an academic reason and not the mrs degree (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lrJg8NMsFw)

Lora said...

going to movies or restaurants alone.

negotiating with car salesmen and getting respect.

seeing my daughter raised in a society that says she can do anything (tho there are negatives to that that she will discover)

having elder females to learn from

paying the check!

*jeanne* said...

This is cool:
I was tagged for this by Nancy Toby at RUN BIG, but I didn't tag anyone, yet here are these great WOMEN posting their thoughts anyway! :-)