11 March 2007


My team at Lower Potomac River Marathon was Namaste.
"The spirit in me salutes the spirit in you"

My spirit was willing, my flesh was weak, and my brains were scrambled by the clock change last night - so I somehow forgot to get a Team picture of me and Melissa. These things happen. ~sigh~

I'm not running well these days, but my team-mate Melissa is, and yet she put up with being paired with slow, photo-jogging me, so I could take some pics of the marathon for my Chesapeake Bay Running Club.

It was a gorgeous day for a marathon. :-)


Anonymous said...

Did you just run a marathon? and then casually mention it?

*jeanne* said...

I ran in the team relay of The Lower Potomac River Marathon - between the two of us, it was a full marathon, and for ME, it was as hard as some of my full marathons have been because of some running issues I've been having.

So yes and no: I ran IN a marathon yesterday, but I did NOT run a marathon myself. I ran "only" the first leg. It felt REALLY REALLY LONG.

Mrs. Slushie said...

Excellent pictures... It's getting great weather outside, and NO I won't be running. :)

Black Knight said...

It would be so nice to run a relay marathon with 4 runners from different countries!
As usual great pics.

IHateToast said...

sorry the time change addled your brain. come to queensland. people here don't want to have DST because it'll ruin the drapes and confuse the cows. WELCOME TO QUEENSLAND!

Ellie said...

Gorgeous day for a marathon, and gorgeous pics of the marathon!!

robtherunner said...

It looks like a great day for a marathon and no surprise to see a Marathon Maniac on the starting line. I hope you had fun in the relay.