30 September 2014

29 September 2014

Day 272. September 29: Wish

Don't you know if you tell a wish 
it won't 

28 September 2014

Day 271. September 28: Game

 Felix playing laser chase
Trivial Pursuit(s)
Clarence and Daisy playing laser chase

26 September 2014

Day 269. September 26: Best

Best friends?
Maybe not yet

but we're working it through...

24 September 2014

Day 267. September 24: Loud

Ha Ha Ha!

You thought this would be something noisy?
  Well, here are some loud colors
loud fabrics

23 September 2014

22 September 2014

Day 265. September 22: Crisp

Dill pickle. 
Relatively crisp, I would say.
[It crunched when I was eating it.]

21 September 2014

Day 264. September 21: Fave word

I don't have a favorite word, I don't think. I LOVE words.
Words turn into BOOKS, turn into PLAYS, turn into poems, and prayers, and vows
 English words translate to French words
(and vice-versa)
אַהֲבָה, חִיבָּה rakkaus
Love αγάπη
die Liebe
l'amour kærlighed
láska amor
ljubezen kärlek

20 September 2014

Day 263. September 20: Beginning

Beginning of the day at the beginning of the Bay
That brightness at the end of the drive is the sun 
turning the bay water into a dazzling white light. 
You can barely see the horizon line in the brilliance.
[We had a late start to the day today, but we started with yard sales, anyway.]

17 September 2014

Day 260. September 17: Key

I had to redo this because some online company is creating keys for people from snapshots. 
So it isn't safe to have a photo of your key posted anywhere.
I hope the company gets shut down, whoever they are.

14 September 2014

Day 257. September 14: Healthy

Kliban Felix 'Enery Mudslide Slim Pickens Durante
aka Beastie Boy 
He looks good! I think his stray-cat health issues are OVER! Crossed fingers.

13 September 2014

Day 256. Pet Day 5k day, September 13: Out of place

Who let the dogs into my fruit salad? 

I brought the fruit home from the race
 I never have time to eat AT the race
Too busy taking photos

12 September 2014

Day 255. Ben's birthday, September 12: Fall

In memory: My friend Francine's son Ben would have had his eighth birthday today. He was shot dead, along with 19 other children and 6 adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. It was 11 days before Christmas, December 14, 2012.