24 February 2007

20 February 2007

Portrait of E!!ie

Portrait of E!!ie, originally uploaded by WebSphinx.

I'm waiting to see if E!!ie finds this post! :-)

Cross Training

12 February 2007


Yeah yeah yeah
Blogger made me upgrade to this google account.
If I have to start all over, will I be given a chance to start from HERE again?

09 February 2007

The time comes when even the cutest cookie must be eaten, or forever have it's destiny unfulfilled.

So I scanned piggie onto the pc before allowing him to find his destiny -

as my dessert.

06 February 2007

This is my job...

Hershey Girl...

Didn't your Mama tell you never to take candy from strangers?

02 February 2007


Waiting in the Big Lots store...
but I didn't buy him.

01 February 2007

Taken home

Last night, on TV...
I saw my college boyfriend's soul taken by God.