04 February 2007

OK, I went back...

and I bought the piggy.


DebbieJRT said...

of course you did, it had to be done

iliketoast said...

wise investment

Mrs. Slushie said...

lol. It is so cute, which makes it worth it.

TriFeist said...

The pig was meant to be your pig.

*jeanne* said...

Yes...that's what went through my mind when I first saw it, Friday afternoon.
Then I turned it over & saw the tag,
"Oohhh, it's double the price I expected it to be",
(This was a Big Lots close-out store - we were BARGAIN-HUNTING)
I still thought about buying it...
carried it all over the store with me...
showed it to Jamie (who was with me)...
then I decided I do NOT need to buy everything that appeals to me,
& I'd had NO jobs this year until Jan 31 (OUCH)...

So I carried it around and took pictures of it in the store. Back on the shelf. Went home pigless.

Then regretted not buying it all Saturday, but I was working in Virginia, way way far away from the Big Lots where I saw piggie.

Ran Penguin Pace 5K on Sunday...
and that was up in Columbia, where a little extra loop of miles could be added to the already long drive
(Penguin Pace is SPECIAL. Worth the long drive for a short race!)
to take me past the Big Lots...

IF the piggie had not been sold over the weekend.
How could it NOT have been scooped right up? SOOOOOO CUTE!

But if it was MEANT to BE... it would be waiting for ME.

I got to Big Lots, and THERE WAS PIGGY!

The bigger, non-winged pig that had been behind it on the shelf was GONE - must've been sold - but MY piggy was there, still waiting for ME.

MY Piggy. Meant to be.

Then when I got home, I found TWO new jobs that I could sign up to work
(my company has online booking - I search for jobs within the area I'm willing to travel, & I can click-to-book the ones I like, but one has to grab them while one has the chance, or somebody else may book them first).

Yup. MY piggy.
Not so expensive, after all!



ihatetoastbutlovepiggie said...

yeah your piggie!

clearly 31 january was a major turning point. i understand. thank me later.

Shawn said...

It *WAS* meant to be! Amazing that that adorable little piggy was still there, waiting for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Now you have to do the flying pig mary!

*jeanne* said...

Yes! I am registered for the Flying Pig Marathon in May.
With my pals,
and Jo from To!
Wee wee wee
3 little piggies