25 January 2007

reds from blue day

Ornamental cabbage
Mailbox coyote
Red bushes in the Veteran's park downtown
The hearth fire
My favorite barn along the road

22 January 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I just heard on the news that January 22 has been named the "Unhappiest Day of the Year."

They reviewed the ENTIRE YEAR, and decided because of
grim, grey, winter weather,
mid-January blahs,
the realization that all our various New Year's Day resolutions were already kaput
misc stuff along these lines,
that January 22 was the bluest day in the calendar.

Happy Flippin' Birthday to me.


10 January 2007

Tylenol Babe

I just found the link to this pic I had taken by the Tylenol folks at the Marine Corps Marathon last October. In FACT, this shot was taken by my friend Liza, current President of the Chesapeake Bay Running Club, who was working the Tylenol booth at the Finish.

Thank you, Tylenol. You made my run and recovery MUCH less painful! :-)

05 January 2007

03 January 2007

Bye, bye, Christmas!

The downtown Christmas decorations come down today...


January seems so BLEAK ...