28 January 2007

new DL


Downhillnut said...

Heeeey, we don't get to have cute lil' hearts all over OUR licenses; I'm jealous.

Jealous of the photo, too. You're so photogenic!

nancytoby said...

So you've abandoned all age references on your driver's license? Cool!!

From Here to There said...

Wow! Theatre inspired driver's licences! I'm so excited! How fun is Maryland!!

I will not be posting my new DL when it comes in... I think I was looking to the side because it took AGES for the flash to go. Frozen smile and everything... if I was still smiling. There will be no tickets in the next 5 years until it expires. It would be too embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

How cute! The little hearts are nice too! :-)

IHateToast said...

i'm about a year overdue to take my test for my QLD driver's license.

i love DLs in the digital age. "oh honey, you'll want a different one. are you ready?"

can you get too-driving-challenged on it?

Mrs. Slushie said...

Why doesn't Alabama have the hearts? I'm jealous.

*jeanne* said...

Maryland doesn't actually put ALL THOSE HEARTS on their driver's licenses - I had ONE heart on mine because I signed the form to be an organ donor in case of
... well
... you know,
in case of something terrible happening that leaves me brain dead
(I mean more than my usual brain-challengedness, but actual brain-deadedness).
I'd like my pieces and bits to help those who can be helped.

So the first heart was to show that I was a donor. Then I just cloned it all over the to-be-blogged license shot because I liked it, and to compensate for the blankness that was left when I removed all screaming-to-be-victimized-by-identity-theft info from my license.

(I mean, come ON, I'm not THAT challenged, nor that REAL WORLD naive.)

robtherunner said...

I thought we were all supposed to have bad photos on our drivers license:)

Dori said...

After figuring out how much older I am than you, it just occurred to me that I'm going to be 54 this year--thanks a lot!

Nice picture, but I like seeing you in running clothes better.