29 September 2006


(written fall 2001)

I sang four days

to mama, asleep
watching her breathe beside me
yet not
I asked her
"where are you, mama? where did you go?"
feeling her breathe beside me, yet not
four days I sang
four nights? four days?
I sang to fill her silence
to fill her breath
to find her and to lead her home,
to let her go.
I still sing for mama
beside me, yet not
and I breathe
for both of us


My Mama died at 1 am, five years ago today.
I was upstairs, asleep, when the nurse called me.
I sat up with Mama until they came to take her body away.

Today I planted an azalea bush in the yard.
Tonight I lit two Fourth of July sparklers in my garden.
Small offerings in remembrance.


Downhillnut said...

So beautiful. Here's to Ruthie. Love the fireworks for her!

Lora said...

I love the azalea bush idea. Something to nuture and gain peace from over the years.


Dori said...

That was a nice tribute to your mother.

TriFeist said...

What a beautiful tribute.