03 June 2007

Blue Moon Run

Imagine this:
A white limestone rails-to-trails path north of Baltimore.
June 1, 10 pm.
Nearly 500 runners wearing glowsticks to avoid collision.
The only other light is the light from the full moon, clouded over on this Friday night, but creating a bright diffused lightness to the sky.


zhurnaly said...

Neat photos, Jeanne! (^_^) And glad to hear that you're getting back out ... take it easy and don't get injured again!

Downhillnut said...

Bee-autiful. Sounds like so much fun!

We'd have to hold that one an hour later here - tonight it still wasn't dark at 10 p.m. Either that or hope the next blue moon comes in December...

Cool idea for a race!

ihatetoast said...

how fun! did it work? no collisions?

*jeanne* said...

I didn't see any collisions. Or HEAR of any, either, I guess I should say. It was pretty dark.

This was just the second (non-annual) Blue Moon Run. Because Blue Moons don't happen as often as every year. The first (non-annual) Blue Moon Run was in 2004.