25 November 2007

NCR Trail Marathon

No, I did NOT run it.

My current LONG, SLOW distance is 8k/5-miles.

But I borrowed my husband's camera & took photos. (I have had 2 camera melt-downs this year. I am currently the owner of NO working cameras. It is KILLING me.)

This is a terrific event,
and Baltimore Road Runners is a great running club!


IHateToast said...

he trusted shutterjinx with a camera?

*jeanne* said...

I simply TOOK it. He was out of town.
Of course, it froze up as soon as I hit the trail, where the runners were. So I called him and confessed my crime.
And he told me how to overcome the problem. Otherwise, there would be no NCRTM shots from WebSphinxy me...