03 January 2008


2006 Etc 028cd
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I don't even recognise myself anymore


robtherunner said...

Happy New Year, Jeanne!

Lora said...

You're still a beautiful soul! Keep hanging on.....

more hugs,

Ellie Hamilton said...

You've been through a lot of change in the past year. You're in your process of evolution, I think.Adaptation and change are key to continuing.

Ellie Hamilton said...

I'm glad you liked the picture on my blog. I got it from a Google Images search for "biking uphill." Austin is Feb. 17. I'm treading that fine line between adequate training and total burnout/injury.

I miss you too and totally understand not being able to keep up. I guess we have to pick and choose what to keep up with and let the rest go -- or rotate 'em :-)