13 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

from Modern Life Takes a Toll on Our Hearts
Denise Mann WebMD Feature

What is the most important thing we can do for our hearts?

Remember that you are love -- and be love.

How can a person be love?

Instead of looking to give love, just be love: Do something good for someone.

The feeling you get when you see their face light up brings joy to your heart.

Be grateful for your life and have gratitude for the gifts you have been given.


Black Knight said...

Late happy Valentine's day. From Ireland I brought a couple of ear-rings for my wife with the same face and colours of your cats!

iliketoast said...

happy valentines

Anonymous said...

i think your cat said "dahlink".

Jason Plett said...

Seems about right, a complete waste of packaging in that chocolate photo, but you are worried about me using a plastic grocery sack? C'mon don't let the GW crowd suck you in.

*jeanne* said...

The chocolates were a gift from my husband, wasted packaging, et al.
And I'm not worried about you using plastic bags.
Recycling is a great use of resources, so why not do it?
And I don't know who the "GW crowd" is.

Jason Plett said...

Right on!! we reuse or send em to the recycler, but not because of Global Warming, just good sense.

*jeanne* said...

I was thinking, "GW? GW Bush?" "GW Parkway?"
Drawing a blank. Easy for me.