03 March 2008


Originally uploaded by WebSphinx.

I love this shot.
I love taking pictures of Bill.
He's so pretty.


Anne said...

You've had some really spectacular shots posted lately. Thank you. And that Bill is turning into quite the diva. Soon, he may start charging supermodel rates.

*jeanne* said...

Thnk you, Anne!
It's a combination of factors:
1. I am the race photographer for the Lower Potomac River Marathon next weekend, and I am practising to get better shots from a fairly new camera.
2. I've been having problems with my running lately, and I need a hooby to fill the void.
3. I am scheduled to have my second photography exhibit in the town hall sometime this spring, and I want a nice collection to display, and I want a different style from my first exhibit (which was mostly my butterfly shots).

SO! I'm experimenting and photo-obsessing.