02 June 2017

Lucky Star

Presented as part of the Watermelon One-Act Festival 
June 3 and 4, 2017

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Josh Fuller as "Charlie"
Charlie - "I'd like to play with you and that red ball!"

Hilton Harrod, Jr. plays "Buddy"

Buddy - "I wanted to be in the house with my family."

Vicki Powalisz plays "Casey"
Casey - "People caught me, and took me to a strange place where I had my puppies."

Christopher Lange plays "Henry"
Henry - "I used to eat out of trash cans, and I slept in a cardboard box."

Alyshia Bradley plays "Mimi"
Mimi - "I like happy stories."

Jeanne Louise plays "Lucky"

Lucky - "I still have hope that good things will come."

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Black Knight said...

I see you love the animals as I do