22 October 2007

Halloween Young Run

This is so much fun.

I was one of the medal-givers at the Finish.

NOTHING can beat this assignment.


robtherunner said...

What a fabulous looking race. I would love to volunteer at that one.

Nancy Toby said...

How fun! Are you doing the Goblin Gallop? I have to miss it in order to go to Holly's race...

*jeanne* said...

Excerpt from "Thank you" to the volunteers from the Race Director:
'We had the biggest turnout in the 19 year history of the race, 2,894 registered runners. It
seems with the great weather most of them showed up, too.'
'You successfully sent off 14 different heats for 5 different
events. More than 2000 of the kids completed the mile with the
balance completing the ½-mile or the ¼-mile.'


Downhillnut said...

You done ree-e-eal good! WTG race volunteers, all of you!

Lora said...

Great looking race. How lucky of you to be at the finish line.

The innocence of children are so soothing to the soul. Glad you had a great time.

Mild said...

HapyHalloweenDAY! from Minnesota

It was such a wonderful race


IHateToast said...

oooh, a kiddie auction. i'd bid on 1933 because she looks like she'd be a cool kid to have in the neighbourhood. do i have auction for the parents, too?