22 January 2014

Day 22. My birthday, January 22: Nice

A nice cuddle with Marley. A not so nice thing - I seem to have deleted all the photos I took with my better camera today. And I seem to have trashed everything on this camera's memory card EXCEPT for the shots I took with it today. 

I had some very cute shots 
Franklin licking my face 
cuddling with Chester
Ellie in my lap
some pretty shots of Bethany...
~ lost ~
What a nitwit.
Happy birthday to me.

1 comment:

*jeanne* said...

OH, OH, OH!!!
A very NICE thing!
I didn't lose any of the shots I thought I had lost! I had changed memory cards, and was looking for the shots on the WRONG CARD!
Yup...I am STILL a nit-wit, but a much less frustrated nit-wit!