09 January 2014

Day 8. January 8: Lucky number

Here are numbers on the clock face. Let's see, hmmm... "8" looks LUCKY.

Day 8. January 8: Lucky number
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Stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid theme.
Sorry, but I don't believe in lucky numbers.
I don't know why this theme irks me so much, but it really just steps on my last nerve. 
So pick your own lucky number, go play it somewhere, and lose your shirt. 
I'll stay home, thank you.

The unlucky 13. 
That makes it lucky enough for me. 


I have 10 toes. Wow. 
Must be that TEN is my lucky number. 
Aren't I LUCKY to have 10 toes? 
John Denver didn't have that many.

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