13 March 2006

Shoe TAG! :-)

Shoes in the kitchen .
shoes in the paint basket
shoes in the garage
shoes in the mud room
shoes in my closet
I'm TAGGED by iliketoast .
I tag Nancy Toby: Run Big!


IHateToast said...

oh, i'm totally going to use this to excuse a shopping day or two. you have more shoes than pella has windows!

*jeanne* said...

How you spell PACK-RAT?

I NEVER get rid of old running shoes (as you can see) because I garden in them. They have GREAT traction, and our back "yard" is a STEEP hill into the woods. But they hold our Maryland red clay soil in all those grooves like a son-of-a-beechtree, which is why I leave them in the mudroom and garage after wearing.)

I still have shoes that I bought in the 1970s (my feet haven't changed size since I was about 11).

And I go to the local Goodwill, where shoes cost $3.00 per pair, or TWO pair for $5.00. I got whole fabulous special occasions outfits of dresses & shoes for my nieces' weddings for $15.

My husband say he loves me because I dress up so "hot" and am such a "cheap date"!

You know...20 years+ of being a struggling actor in New York City: I'm GOOD at costuming myself!


Black Knight said...

You will not have any problem to walk!!!

psbowe said...

There's nothing wrong with those pictures, it's normal. ;)

Spider Walk said...

I want more shoes!

iliketoast said...
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iliketoast said...

Shoe sorry I am shoe late to be putting in a comment. It shoe looks like you have lots of shoes although it shoe must beat walking around barefoot in the snow.